Teaching English in Seoul

Teach English in Busan

Busan, is the second largest city after the capital, Seoul in South Korea. Home to over 8 million people Busan offers some of the best teaching opportunities in the whole country. Furthermore, Busan's location on the South East coast of South Korea offers the Miami or Los Angeles level of lifestyle - Beach, sunshine and party!

Salaries and working hours

Teaching English in Busan offers some of the highest salaries in the country, the top benefits and highest level of lifestyle. For training center work, as a native english speaker (with teaching experience) your salary range is 2,200,000-2,600,000 KRW per month (After tax). Working hours are standard in training centers at around 20-25 teaching hours per week plus office hours. Additional classes are popular amongst teachers in Busan, taking home an additional 40,000-60,000 KRW per hour for private students is very do-able.

Teaching Children English in Busan class

Busan City Dusk

Busan Working visa requirements

Working visa requirements are the same across the whole of South Korea. However, due to high demand to work in Busan you'll usually need 1-2 years teaching experience for the higher salary positions.

South Korea's main cities for teaching english

  • Seoul

  • Busan

  • Gyeonggi

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